I heard a woman telling someone that once your head is swollen, your crown will fall off. I took time to meditate on that statement and i discoveredSelfish-Customer-2 somethings. The crown in that statement could be seen as a symbol of your glory , beauty ,achievements or even anything that makes you different from others. The swollen head in that statement is PRIDE. Pride comes before the fall of anything in your life. What do you have that is trying to give you a swollen head? watch it because it will only make you lose your crown. And if your head is already swollen, apply some ice is will go down. By this i mean that you should get down from your high horse and retrace your steps. You can still make things right before it’s too late.


My name is Martha and I love to write, sing and act. I want to use my talent to reach out to at least one person in every country of the world.

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