My Hands

Oh my hands, beautifully created, carefully fashioned. You are the most frequently symbolized part of my human body. Aristotle called you the tool of tools.

You are strength, power and protection.

Oh my hands remember that you are supposed to work for my good.

I know you sometimes get tired, but that is why you are two. The left to help the right and the right to help the left.

Oh my hands do not take what does not belong to you. It will only bring shame to the other parts of the body.

Oh my hands always give, it will only attract more to you. Oh my hands, when my brain has an idea and I need to write it down please cooperate with me because any destinies might just be dependent on the written piece.

Oh my hands, don’t get angry when I soil you. If I don’t we won’t eat and you can’t work either.

Oh my hands, thank you for not always doing the desires of the eyes and the ears for they often see and hear negative things.

My hands my faithful friend, thanks for always being there for me. I will always pray for you and I will write to you very often.


My name is Martha and I love to write, sing and act. I want to use my talent to reach out to at least one person in every country of the world.

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