Gossip Affect Your Social Relationship

Gossip is idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others. Everyone always has something to say about a particular person or something. It’s natural, though the intent might not be to cause any harm.
When you discuss people behind their back, you give out inside information of your victims to those who don’t have a business knowing about them.

Gossip is generally done for two main reasons. First to speak well of yourself and second to bring out the mistakes, flaws and weaknesses of your victim. It is rather unfortunate that nowadays, we have more gossips than we have people who are truly concerned about you.
If you are truly concerned about a person, you should be talking to the person not making him a subject of discussion with other people. If you have privileged information about someone, they must have told you out of trust. Don’t betray that trust.
A major reason why people gossip is idleness. When you are less busy, everything that passes by catches your attention and since you don’t have productive things to keep you occupied, you will talk about everything relevant and irrelevant.
A major effect of idle talk is that you have limited or no time to be useful to yourself and those around you. Eventually your social relationship will be crumble and the self esteem you are trying to boost will dissipate because people will start avoiding you knowing you are incapable of keeping confidential information.
Gossip breeds hatred and suspicion in the heart of the one who is always listening to gossip.
For those who derive pleasure in listening to gossip, bear in mind that as he or she shares other people with you, so will he discuss you with others. You cannot afford to remain a refuse dump for every kind of information especially those ones that corrupt your thoughts. Politely do away with people who always gossip to you and people who always make you gossip, get busy with your life. You will have more peace when you do.
If you cannot stand it when people say negative things about you, then don’t do the same to others. Gossip always has a way of getting back to you and it will hit you really hard.
Conclusively, always bear in mind that the gossipers are often rated as less trustworthy after sharing the gossip.


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