Feeling of Being Grateful

Appreciation is the feeling of being grateful for something. It portrays that you know the value of something you have been offered or benefited.

On appreciation, William James a well-known psychologist and philosopher said “the deepest principle of human nature is a craving to be appreciated”. Appreciation costs nothing and when properly done can have a positive effect on the recipient.

When you appreciate someone’s work you are helping them boost their self-esteem and also encouraging them to do something more. By appreciating something that someone has done for you, you are also helping yourself because you will open the doors to get more from the person who has been kind to you. Appreciation is a give and Take thing. The more you appreciate people’s efforts, the more your own efforts will be appreciated.

To highlight the value of appreciation, one major thing that God requires from human beings is praise. I don’t think it will be out of place to say that the world will be a better place if we all appreciate each other the way we should.

You can start practicing the act of appreciation today until it becomes a part of you.


My name is Martha and I love to write, sing and act. I want to use my talent to reach out to at least one person in every country of the world.

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